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Thoughtful Thursday: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you all from GCP! Even though we took Thursday off to celebrate with family and friends and stuff ourselves silly, we could not let this week pass without a Thoughtful Thursday for the holiday. And so today we offer a lineup of Thanksgiving inspired poetry from African American poets. First, the very […]

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Thoughtful Thursday: Autumn Chill

With much of the nation focused on the cold weather these days, Today’s Thoughtful Thursday follows suit, featuring poems about the chilly days of Fall. In “Fall, Leaves, Fall” Emily Bronte celebrates the season’s change from fall to winter, and in “Winter Trees” William Carlos Williams writes approvingly of the changes that winter brings. Claude […]

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Our Sons and Their Devices: Are We Paying Enough Attention?

We at GCP have been thinking a lot about the impact of technology on child rearing. Tablets, phones and computer screens can enhance children’s development, increase their school readiness, and introduce them to ideas and places to which they might not otherwise have any access. But they also can be distracting, overwhelming, and can interfere […]

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Help Your Son Study Smarter

How many of us have told our sons to “study smarter, not harder?” Sounds good, but how do you actually do that?   In the recently published book, “How We Learn: The Surprising Truth About When, Where and Why It Happens”, New York Times science reporter Benedict Carey looks at the science of learning to try […]

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Thoughtful Thursday: Voting

Even though Election Day has come and gone, we can continue to have conversations with our sons about the importance of voting.  Today’s Thoughtful Thursday is the poem “Vote of Die”,  written by Margaret Block, a civil rights activist and member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.  In this poem she champions some of the unsung […]

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Tips for School Visits

If your son is applying to boarding school or college this fall you may well be in the thick of school visits these days. Here are a few tips for making these visits as productive as possible for you and your son: Encourage your son to commit to this process of looking at schools, no […]

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Reality Check: Pre-School and Kindergarten Admissions

O.K. all you parents who are either in the midst of the school application process for your pre-school or kindergarden son or have submitted your applications and are counting down the months until you are scheduled to hear the responses, take a deep breath and let it go slowly. Time for a reality check. We’ve […]

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GCP Event: Great Advice on Raising Boys from Kathryn Chenault

On Saturday GCP had another live event: A conversation with GCP mom Kathryn Chenault. Kathryn, an attorney who stepped away from her professional life to devote time and effort to raising her two sons (who are now wonderful young men in their 20’s), graciously hosted us at her glorious home. Beautiful surroundings, great weather, and […]

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