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Tell Your Sons: College Educated Hip Hop Artists

The next time your son tells you he doesn’t need to study because he plans to be a rap star, you can tell him that he should follow in the footsteps of some well-known rappers who managed to do both. Here are some artists who have either graduated from or attended college. Some of these […]

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Go See “Rise of the Guardians” this weekend!!!

“Rise of the Guardians”, the latest animated film from DreamWorks, opens tomorrow, November 21st. This tale of how Jack Frost, Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny band together to save children everywhere marks the directorial debut of Peter Ramsey, the first African American director of a big budget computer animated film. In […]

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A GCP Dad Asks: Are Video Games OK for Young Kids?

Today’s post comes from Oliver C. Sutton III, father of two young boys and a loyal GCP reader. Great to have a GCP Dad’s point of view! Over the past several months there have been a number of posts here at GCP that I have found enlightening, entertaining and not quite useful to me yet. […]

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The Latest Lesson from Hip-Hop…Science!

Today’s news item, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, will impress even the most anti-hip-hop parent: GZA, founding member of the renowned and revered rap group The Wu-Tang Clan, is busily working on his next album “Dark Matter”, which is designed to get his fans as excited as he is about science. Yes, science. According […]

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The Great Debates 2012

You may have known that the film “The Great Debaters”, in which historically Black Wiley College’s debate team beat Harvard University’s debaters, was based upon the true story of the Wiley College debate coach and his team. But did you know that actual Great Debates are being held annually, and that you and your children […]

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The Importance of Being Disconnected

While walking down a busy city street a few days ago, I overheard a mother and her young teen son fussing with each other. The son was complaining that his mom had been on her phone rather than watching him play during a recent game. The mom barked, “Of course I was watching! I saw […]

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“American Promise”: A Work In Progress

When husband and wife filmmaking team Michèle Stephenson and Joe Brewster enrolled their son Idris in a prestigious NYC private school twelve years ago, they did so knowing that he was entering an educational system which critically underserves young black males. In an effort to understand and shed light on the challenges young black men […]

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Help Our Sons Learn Our History: Watch “Freedom Riders” TONIGHT!

Tonight PBS is airing “Freedom Riders”, Stanley Nelson’s award-winning documentary about the 1961 Freedom Rides, when more than 400 Black and white Americans risked their lives traveling on buses and trains throughout the south challenging the Jim Crow laws. This is a powerful, inspirational story of an important part of American history. Check your local […]

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Help Our Sons Learn Our History: Watch “Slavery By Any Other Name”

It’s February. Black History Month. While many of us wonder why only one month out of the year (and the shortest one at that) is designated for paying national attention to African-American contributions to American history, let us put our cynicism aside, and embrace the many opportunities available this month to help our children learn […]

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Red Tails Flies High

Hope you got a chance to see “Red Tails” this weekend. What an inspirational, action packed ride! The aerial fighting scenes are incredible. The good news is that lots of folks went on opening weekend. As Box Office Mojo reports, “Red Tails cruised in to second place with a very respectable $18.8 million”, which is […]

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