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Summer Camps and Programs

Summer Camp Planning

Summer camp planning in December? Yes! It is not too early to start thinking about what your children will be doing in the summer of 2018. Camps start filling their spaces in earnest in January, but camp consultants are already hosting events this month to introduce parents to a variety of summer opportunities for children. […]

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Summer Jobs– Deadlines Approaching!

Is your high schooler or college student thinking about what he will be doing this summer? He needs to be!  The hunt for high school and college summer jobs is in full swing, with deadlines for many opportunities coming up very soon.  (Note for next year: the best time to start looking around is in […]

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Fight Summer Slide with Apps and Games

As summer vacations begin, so does the “summer slide”, where our sons (and daughters) lose academic ground during the months they are not in school. Summer slide can result in our children forgetting what they have learned and slowing the pace of their future learning. As a report from the National Summer Learning Association explains, […]

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Summer Reading 2015

Now is the time to focus on your sons’ summer reading plans. If you have an avid reader, make time to stop at the library or the book store and pick up some fun books for the summer. If your son would rather do almost anything other than read, then you will need to give […]

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Summer Camp Info

Hard to imagine as frigid temperatures and snow continue to plague us on the East Coast and elsewhere around the nation, but now is the time to focus on Summer Camps. If you are interested in finding out about summer camp options, don’t wait any longer to start your research, as Summer Camp research and […]

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Summer Camp Recommendations

Rachel Christmas Derrick, whose thoughtful piece on Affirmative Action you read on GCP a few weeks ago (“The Myths and Realities of Affirmative Action”, April 1, 2013) is back with recommendations for wonderful summer camp experiences that her children (and she) have enjoyed. * * * * * * * * * Looking for an […]

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Getting Ready for Summer: Camps

The Summer Camp search season, which began in January, is well underway. If you haven’t made any camp decisions yet, don’t worry, but know that it is really time to focus on this, as programs are filling up. Lots of issues to consider: Sleep away or Day Camp? Sports, arts, or academically focused, or some […]

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What’s Going On? Summer Edition, Part 1

Sorry that the posts have been a bit few and far between these days, but I have been unusually busy with the actual business of parenting. My children are settling into their summer routine, which seems thus far to involve a lot of road trips with me behind the wheel. Here is a hodgepodge of […]

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How to Encourage Summer Reading

Want to help your son improve his reading skills over the summer? A good idea, since many children lose ground in reading over the course of the summer and start the new school year with rusty skills which can zap their academic confidence. Here are a few ways to focus on reading this summer: Public […]

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Summer Planning

Although it’s only the week before Easter, before you know it school will be out for the summer.   When we were young many of us spent our summers hanging out with friends on stoops, in the park, at the beach or community pool, or, only if our parents or teachers insisted, in summer school.  Today […]

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