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Take the Time to Watch: “A Conversation With My Black Son”

Parents of teenaged Black boys know about the conversation we are obligated to have with our sons as we send them out into a world in which they can be misjudged and endangered simply because they are teenaged Black boys. Because we need them to stay safe, we know we have to tell them what […]

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Thoughtful Thursday: Spring?!

Could it be that here in NYC, where we have had crazy cold weather for what seems like forever, that Spring is in the air? The last couple of days with temperatures in the 50’s has had us hoping that Spring is truly in the air. And so we offer a series of Spring poems: […]

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Why Boys are Falling Behind At School, and What We Can Do About It

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), an international economic organization of 34 countries, has recently released the results of its global study of gender equality in education, and the news is not good for boys: they are “significantly more likely” than girls to be less engaged with school and have poor academic achievement. […]

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Thoughtful Thursday: Children

GCP is back in the saddle after a wonderful trip to Miami, where among other things we sat on the beach and talked with a wonderful group of African American moms about parenting. (More on that in the next post.) At the end of the discussion one of the moderators read a poem which I […]

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Four Toxic Household Items Your Family Should Avoid

How focused are you on the toxins around you and your sons in your home? The Center for Disease Control has a list of over 200 products that you should avoid. This list can be overwhelming, and avoiding all these products seems pretty unrealistic. However, we thought these were worth mentioning: Plastic food containers: We […]

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