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GCP Live at Children and Authenticity Conference

Earlier this week, I represented GCP on a panel at a fascinating conference called Children and Authenticity. Held at Teacher’s College in NYC, it was convened by the Children’s Art Guild, which helps children discover the joy and excitement of learning through creativity education (which includes visual arts, storytelling, woodworking, and expressive movement). The conference […]

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Thoughtful Thursday: Your Vote is Your Voice

As we wind down this contentious political season, we at GCP want to make sure that everyone remembers to VOTE on November 8th. We also must be sure to talk to our sons and daughters about how important it is to exercise this right that our ancestors fought so hard to give us. It has […]

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The Struggle is Real: When Your Young Child Meets a Racist

Today’s NYTimes features an article by Topher Sanders, a Black dad who, while watching his four year old son play in the playground, overheard a little girl tell his son “only white people can play” where he was playing. As his son happily ignores the girl and continues to play, the father struggles with balancing […]

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Watch Now: A Conversation with the President: Sports, Race and Achievement

On Tuesday October 11, at 10pm EST, ESPN will present “A Conversation with The President: Sports, Race and Achievement”. In conversation with students from North Carolina A&T State University, President Barack Obama will discuss a variety of issues including the “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative (which addresses opportunity gaps for boys and young men of color), […]

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Talking to Your Young Children About Slavery: 5 Things to Know

“Tell us about your first relative to come to the United States. Where did he or she come from?” A third grader had this question for homework the other day. His dad called me in a panic: “We haven’t told him about slavery yet–he’s too young. How is he supposed to answer this?” After commiserating […]

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Take the Device Free Dinner Challenge!

Common Sense Media, that great website for all things kids and tech, is encouraging families to join their latest campaign: Device Free Dinners. It is a simple concept: families commit to spending time at the dinner table focused upon each other rather than their devices. As Common Sense founder and CEO James P. Steyer explains, […]

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