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Tell Your Sons About Caylin Moore

Here’s an inspiring story to tell your sons about as we close out 2016. Caylin Moore, a young Black college senior who is a varsity football player and an honor student at Texas Christian University, was among the 32 men and women awarded a 2017 Rhodes Scholarship. This achievement, impressive for anyone, is downright amazing […]

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Family Holiday Fun: Board Games!!

Holiday vacation time with the kids! At some point they are going to come up for air after playing with their new toys. When they do, grab the opportunity for some family fun by breaking out the board games. It is a great way to spend time together without any screens, and a good way […]

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Merry Christmas from Ground Control Parenting!!!

Hope you and your families are enjoying a very Merry Christmas!!! Let’s all focus on spending time with each other, enjoying each other’s company. If you all can’t bear to be device free, at least share some of the stories/real news/interesting items you come across with one another, and let some conversations begin!! If you […]

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