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Back To School, Back To GCP!

After stepping away from regular GCP blogging for a while to begin work on a parenting book, I am returning to posting regularly–GCP is back!  While the posts will still primarily focus on raising boys, many posts already on the site can be helpful for parenting girls as well.  A lovely young friend with twins (a boy and […]

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“The Talk”: What Do We Tell Our Sons to Keep them Safe?

Our hearts break for the families of Alton Sterling, Philando Castle, the slain and injured Dallas policemen and their families. I used to take solace in thinking that no matter how tough/scary it may seem to parent a black child these days, it can’t compare to the unsettling times of 60’s and 70’s when I […]

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Read This: Stop Making Everything So Perfect For Your Kid

Hello GCP Parents! Long time. Been working quite a bit on an exciting project that continues where this blog began (think a comprehensive collection of GCPblog posts and lots more–stay tuned) so there has not been much posting this year. Hope you have been combing through the archives for interesting and relevant articles. But today […]

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Check out the Parent’s #ToolkitTalk about Helping Our Sons TONIGHT at 7pm ET!!

Greetings GCPers, Haven’t been posting as much recently — been working on an exciting GCP project which we will talk about soon–but wanted to make sure you knew about tonight’s Parent Toolkit talk. Parent Toolkit, who brings you monthly #ToolkitTalks which give parents insight and advice on important parenting issues, is teaming up with the […]

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It’s Black History Month: Share YOUR History

It is Black History Month! We all know what this means: Lots of tributes to and images of President Obama, Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and a host of Black “paving the way” entertainers and athletes will be floating around our children at school this month. While we at GCP believe our […]

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Helping Your Sons With Test Prep

It is finals time for our high school and college boys, and our younger guys are likely to have year end testing as well. Here are a few tips from the internet and GCP that you can suggest to your sons to help them do their best on these tests. 1.Create a Personal Study Guide. […]

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Know Your Sons’ Friends

As I talked with a good friend recently about our sons and their social lives, he quoted an old saying that rang so true: “Show me his friends and I’ll show you his future.” Our sons will most certainly have a lot of friends over the course of their childhood and adolescence. But at some […]

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GCP Parent’s Checklist for Getting a Good Start on the School Year

Hope all of your sons are settling well into the new school year. Here is a GCP Checklist of things to do/keep your eyes on as the year begins: Meet the teachers: There will certainly be an open school night or some other formal opportunity to meet teachers, and you shouldn’t miss that. But you […]

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Conscious Parenting: Tips on Giving Your Sons Constructive Criticism

Giving constructive criticism to our sons so that they hear and accept it can be so tough, especially when our boys are in their middle and high school years. Constructive criticism lets them know they could do something better without blaming or shaming them. Takes a lot of parenting skill to get this right! We […]

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Tell Your Sons: Remembering 9/11

Few of us will ever forget where we were and what we were doing when we heard about the Twin Towers collapsing on September 11, 2001. Those of us who were in New York City on that day can surely remember all the events of that day fourteen years ago like it was yesterday. But […]

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