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Parents: Resolve to Get More Involved in 2012!!

Here’s an important New Year’s Resolution to add to your list: Get more engaged and involved with your son’s education in 2012!!! According to research reviewed by the National Coalition for Parent Involvement, when parents are involved with their child’s education, the student earns higher grades and tests scores, has better social skills, and is […]

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Are Black Mothers Failing Their Sons?

Blogger LaShaun Williams, writing for the Madame Noire site, raises the provocative issue of whether Black mothers, who can rely on their personal experiences to raise their daughters but do not have such natural instincts with their sons, are not doing as good a job raising their boys. She suggests Black mothers may be coddling […]

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Cyberbullying: What to Know, What to Do

In an earlier post, GCP covered New Jersey Police Detective Sergeant Thomas Rich’s presentation on sexting (Texting, Sexting: What You and Your Children Should Know, November 22, 2011). Today’s focus is cyberbullying, featuring perspectives from Sgt. Rich and others*. Cyberbullying, says Sgt. Rich, is “the next generation of hate”. He recommends that we teach our […]

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Letter from a Parent to a Teacher

Here’s a “Letter from a Parent to His Son’s Teacher” which has made the rounds on the Internet. While it is often attributed to Abraham Lincoln, this attribution has been sufficiently disputed by historians to render it weak at best and probably false. Regardless of its authorship, the thoughtful advice in this passage is worth […]

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Getting the Most Out of Parent Teacher Conferences

It’s parent teacher conference season! What’s the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your limited time with your son’s teachers during the conference? Check out these links for some helpful tips and ideas: “Acing Parent Teacher Conferences”, published last year in the Wall Street Journal; A To-Do List for Parent […]

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Texting, Sexting: What You and Your Children Should Know

GCP recently attended a seminar on “Texting, Sexting, Facebook and Cyberbullying” conducted by New Jersey Police Detective Sergeant Thomas Rich. Sgt. Rich has worked on the issues of Internet safety for over ten years, and through his company, “Always Connected”, advises law enforcement, educators, parents and children of all ages how to utilize technology in […]

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Learning to Play the Game

The New York Times, always a good source of articles about education, today includes an article which is particularly noteworthy to GCP readers. “Learning To Play the Game to Get into College”, found here, chronicles Boston high school senior Nathaly Lopera’s impressive efforts to get extra help with school and the college prep process. Among […]

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Better Teachers? Yes, But Better Parenting Too

While better teachers can certainly help a student achieve, better parenting can make a huge difference in a student’s academic achievement as well. GCP has been shouting this from cyberspace rooftops since the day we launched, and a column in today’s New York Times confirms that we need to turn up the volume. In “How […]

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Words of Wisdom from a Montessori Mom

Back in August, GCP posted a piece called “Waiting For Superman? Superwoman Was Already Here” in which Daniel Petter-Lipstein extolled the virtues of a Montessori education. As a follow-up to that post, we asked Anne Williams-Isom, mother of three Montessori trained children ages 18, 15 and 9, for her perspective on Daniel’s piece and the […]

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What Works: The North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program

Today’s New York Times features an article, found here, on the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program. North Carolina gives scholarships to top academic students attending an in-state public college, and in return the students spend at least four years teaching in a public school. The program, which for the last 25 years has been attracting […]

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