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Some Must-Do’s for Black History Month

We at GCP think parents should celebrate Black History every month. But since February is the “official” Black History Month (established as such in 1967 by President Gerald Ford; now there is a bit of BHM trivia for you), we will focus on some family “must-do’s” this month. 1. Talk about your Family History with […]

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Thoughtful Thursday: Black History Month

Thoughtful Thursdays are back! For those new to GCP, Thoughtful Thursdays feature poetry, quotes, and other literary delights for you to enjoy and share with your sons. The first Thoughtful Thursday of Black History Month 2017 features a classic poem by Langston Hughes, “I Too, Sing America”. In this poem Hughes reminds us that Americans […]

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Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In honor of Dr. King’s birthday, here are some of his many wise words. Let us all share some of Dr. King’s wisdom with our sons and daughters as we celebrate his life. Enjoy! “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” “We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character-that […]

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Merry Christmas from Ground Control Parenting!!!

Hope you and your families are enjoying a very Merry Christmas!!! Let’s all focus on spending time with each other, enjoying each other’s company. If you all can’t bear to be device free, at least share some of the stories/real news/interesting items you come across with one another, and let some conversations begin!! If you […]

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Thoughtful Thursday: Lift Every Voice and Sing

Today’s Thoughtful Thursday offers an anthem to remind us that we have endured hard times before, and we will survive them again. James Weldon Johnson wrote the lyrics to “Lift Every Voice and Sing” (and his brother John Rosamond Johnson wrote the music) in 1900 as a birthday tribute to Abraham Lincoln, and it was […]

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What Do We Tell Our Children About the Election?

Well, the sun did rise this morning, and we now face the reality of an America that has elected Donald Trump to be our next President. Among those of us who did not want or expect this result there is deep shock, sadness, anger, hurt and even disgust at the outcome. We grown folk can […]

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Read Rice & Rocks With Your Sons!

Looking for a wonderful picture book celebrating culture and diversity that your sons (and your daughters) will love? Rice & Rocks introduces us to the delightful young Giovanni, who is looking forward to another great Sunday of hanging out with his pet parrot Jasper and playing with his friends who are coming to dinner, until […]

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GCP Live at Children and Authenticity Conference

Earlier this week, I represented GCP on a panel at a fascinating conference called Children and Authenticity. Held at Teacher’s College in NYC, it was convened by the Children’s Art Guild, which helps children discover the joy and excitement of learning through creativity education (which includes visual arts, storytelling, woodworking, and expressive movement). The conference […]

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Watch Now: A Conversation with the President: Sports, Race and Achievement

On Tuesday October 11, at 10pm EST, ESPN will present “A Conversation with The President: Sports, Race and Achievement”. In conversation with students from North Carolina A&T State University, President Barack Obama will discuss a variety of issues including the “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative (which addresses opportunity gaps for boys and young men of color), […]

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Talking to Your Young Children About Slavery: 5 Things to Know

“Tell us about your first relative to come to the United States. Where did he or she come from?” A third grader had this question for homework the other day. His dad called me in a panic: “We haven’t told him about slavery yet–he’s too young. How is he supposed to answer this?” After commiserating […]

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