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Saving Our Sons

What Do Your Children Know About Our Civil Rights History?

Today’s New York Times features an article, found here, which details how little today’s schools teach about the history of the Civil Rights movement and how little today’s students know about basic civil rights history. Julian Bond, the former civil rights activist who began teaching the history of the civil rights movement twenty years ago, […]

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Are We Helping Our Children Learn to Handle Adversity?

Today’s New York Times Magazine includes a very interesting article, found here, about how the heads of a Manhattan private school and a national charter school program are working to help their students develop good character traits as well as good study habits. The private school head feared that his school’s focus on testing at […]

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Will More Male Teachers Help Our Boys?

The concern about boys not doing as well as girls in school is growing in Europe, and officials there worry whether the lack of male teachers in school could be a contributing factor. An article originally published in the Paris newspaper Le Figaro, found here, discusses the concern about there being “too many women teachers” […]

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Tips to Combat Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a huge issue for children and parents in this digital age. Common Sense Media, a non profit organization devoted to helping families navigate the world of media and technology, has developed a “Cyberbullying Tool Kit” to help educators and parents deal with this problem. The toolkit, which can be found here, includes parent […]

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Waiting for Superman? Superwoman Was Already Here

GCP is keenly interested in promoting educational models and practices which have demonstrated success with our boys, particularly those that can be scaled up to impact the greatest number of children. As you know, much of the current education reform discussion revolves around how to effectively measure and improve teacher quality, whether standardized tests are […]

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NYT “Room For Debate”: Educational Issues

The New York Times online has a series called “Room for Debate”, in which it invites experts in the field to discuss news events and topical issues. Periodically the topic is education. The comments are often interesting and informative, and the format allows you to hear a variety of voices in the nation’s educational debate. […]

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The Educational Crisis of Young Men of Color

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Director of Harvard’s W.E.B. DuBois Institute for African and African American Research, and Gaston Caperton, President of the College Board, have written an essay in today’s Huffington Post and calling for national focus on educating young Black men. You can read it here. Gates and Caperton co-hosted a webcast discussion […]

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