Miles and Malik George, twin brothers who were co-valedictorians at their Woodbridge High School graduation last week, are both headed to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the fall. The George brothers, who got their last B’s in third grade, both set their sites on MIT as high school freshmen, and worked towards this goal, both making near perfect SAT scores and maintaining an A+ high school average. “We worked hard,” Miles said. “Every course, studying, paying attention, asking questions. That’s one of the most important things, being an active student in our own education.” (“Being an active student in your own education” is a great way to approach learning–pass this concept on to your kids.)

The boys credit their parents, who just celebrated their 20th anniversary, for showing them what success looks like. “Seeing them always doing their best to care for us has definitely made a good imprint on us,” Malik told ABC News, in a video report you can watch here. OK, two smart sons who appreciate their parents? #parentgoals. Congrats to Miles, Malik and the entire George family– Jobs well done!