Fight Pandemic Learning Loss with Learning Heroes

Now that your kids have settled back into school are you seeing signs of their pandemic learning loss?  Well, did you know that studies have found concentrated high impact tutoring to be one of the most effective strategies for academic catch up?!  Get the details on this and other ways to help your kids get back on track in [...]

Happy Father’s Day from GCP!

Happy Father's Day from GCP! To all of the dads who are guiding and supporting your sons, your daughters, and any other children you’re helping to raise and mold, we salute and appreciate you! I hope that you’ve spent the day being celebrated; you deserve it. To all the single moms, whom we all know hold it down as [...]

How Do We Talk With Our Children About These Latest Massacres??

  A teenager fueled by white supremacist hatred of Black people drives to a supermarket in a predominantly Black neighborhood in Buffalo NY and opens fire, killing 10 innocent people who had come there to shop and work and injuring 3 more. The next day, a man enters a church in Orange County and shot at the parishioners, killing [...]

How To Talk With Your Kids About Ukraine

    Just when we thought we could catch our breath as pandemic fears ease, we are now watching in horror as Russia invades Ukraine. The news is non-stop, showing us images of bombings, terrified parents and children trying to flee their homes, families being separated as men stay back to fight for their country. It is hard for [...]

Protecting Your Peace

Black History Month’s theme this year is Black Health and Wellness, and I’ve been thinking about how important it is for parents to take care of our physical and mental wellness needs. So much of our focus is on our children, families and communities, and we need reminding that we need to focus on staying healthy and strong for [...]

Celebrating Black History Month 2022

Here at GCP we celebrate Black History every month. But as we head into the first weekend of the "official" Black History Month (which was established in 1967 by President Gerald Ford), today we offer ways for your family to stay especially focused on Black History this month. As we know, school Black History Month tributes can be somewhat [...]

The Importance of Parent Self-Care

As the summer winds down, the virus numbers trend up, and schools begin to open across the nation: Parents, how are you doing?  Are you taking care of yourselves? We need to fasten our seatbelts for the bumpy ride that this fall is promising, as we figure out how to mesh our extreme COVID fatigue, sending our kids back [...]

GCP Matching Game Round One Answers!

Have you played Round One of the Season 3 #GCP Matching Game yet?  Last chance; Answers are below!   As you know, many of my Season 3 guests played the #GCP Bonus Round and shared some of their favorite poems, quotes and children's books.  A few weeks ago I posted a Matching Game and asked you to match this season’s [...]

GCP Bonus Round Matching Game!!

It’s time to play Season Three’s GCP Bonus Round Matching Game!   Many of my Season 3 guests played the #GCP Bonus Round and shared some of their favorite poems, quotes and children's books. As I’ve done at the end of my past two seasons, I’ve created a Matching Game to see if you can match this season’s guests [...]

It’s Time for The GCP Season Three Rewind!!

Hard to believe but we've come to the end of the third season of Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis!  So that means it's time for the GCP Podcast Season Three Rewind!!    As you’ll hear in the Rewind,  this season includes lots of conversations about how to be a better parent in so many aspects of your [...]

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