As the summer winds down, the virus numbers trend up, and schools begin to open across the nation: Parents, how are you doing?  Are you taking care of yourselves? We need to fasten our seatbelts for the bumpy ride that this fall is promising, as we figure out how to mesh our extreme COVID fatigue, sending our kids back into the classrooms, returning to the physical workplace, and steering clear of this persistent virus.  To help ease this bumpy ride, here are some tips from #GCPPodcasts on how to keep ourselves calm and collected.

This season our resident stress expert Dr. Victor Carrion explained how taking care of ourselves also helps our kids:

First, let’s take our own pulse. Let’s see how we are doing before we try to help anybody, because the healthier we are, the more apt we’re going to be to help our kids. So if we are feeling very stressed, there’s an opportunity there through modeling to actually teach kids how to take care of themselves… So just by saying that you’re eating right, that you’re trying to sleep right, that you are exercising, that you are talking about your own feelings, that modeling will help them because they will emulate what works for the parents.

Listen to Dr. Carrion’s “Managing the Transition to Post Pandemic Life”, for more tips on easing our transition to the fall.

In Season 2 author and wellness expert Erica Reid offered suggestions as to how families can practice self-care:

It is our responsibility to introduce things now to our children, to help them have coping skills mentally and physically. And today is the day to start. Now.  Introducing calming, meditative music. Go to nécessité. You can find articles on breath, work, yoga, recipes. What you feed yourself impacts you mentally and physically. We have to start now…we’re all in this together. Self care, self-love, mental help, get going on it Now.

Listen to “Passionate Parenting” to hear Erica’s great parenting stories and more of her self care tips.  And as she advised, check out her website nécessité, which is filled with wellness advice. Her “Daily Dose” of an inspirational quote hits my inbox first thing each morning.  It is a great start to the day!

Fordham University professor and child advocate Anne Williams-Isom reminded us how to prioritize self-care in Season 1:

How do you take care of yourself when self-care, especially for a lot of women, a lot of black women, is something that is taboo? Our mothers didn’t do it. What does that mean? And self-care doesn’t just mean you’re getting a manicure and getting your hair done. It means can you be quiet to hear your thoughts? Is your heart racing all the time? Do you know what’s going on in your other relationships, your partner relationships and with your family? 

Check out “It Takes a Village–Here’s How to Build One” for more of Anne’s self care and parenting wisdom.

Hope you find lots of fun and relaxing ways to enjoy the ending days of summer.