Parents Matter: Star Athlete Listens to Mom and Dad, Chooses Harvard

A recent NYTimes article tells a great story that is right up our alley at GCP. Chris Lewis is a 6'9" high school junior at Milton High School in Milton, Georgia. A power forward, he is one of the top basketball juniors in the nation. He has been recruited by colleges since he was in middle school, and as [...]

Inspiration from the Sports World for our Sons

Some inspiration for our boys from the world of sports: Princeton Renaissance Athlete: Caraun Reid, a December 2013 Princeton graduate, is a two time All American and an N.F.L. prospect who some predict could become Princeton's highest draft pick in over 30 years. As reported in a recent New York Times article found here, Reid, a 305 pound defensive [...]

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Talk to Your Sons About The L.A.Clippers

It has been front page news for a few days now: L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling allegedly made some outrageously offensive racist comments about Black people to his Black and Hispanic girlfriend. Talk to your sons about this situation, and ask them what they would do if they played for or were the coach of the L.A. Clippers. The [...]

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A Legacy of Excellence for Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson

As everyone probably knows by now, the Seattle Seahawks will face the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVII on February 2, 2014. And most of you football fans know that the Seahawks were led to victory yesterday by Russell Wilson, their young African-American quarterback. But what will likely come as news to many is the family legacy of excellence [...]

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Champions, Yes, but Graduates? Maybe Not: Black College Players and the 2014 Bowl Games

Happy New Year! In this our third year of operation, we are going to mix it up a bit. In addition to posting longer one subject articles chock full of info, GCP will be doing quick posts of interesting bits--news items, parenting things to think about, etc.--on a more regular basis. The goal is to post more regularly, and [...]

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J.R. Smith and The Power of Mentoring

New York Knicks shooting guard J.R.Smith recently received the NBA's 2013 Sixth Man award, which is given annually to the league's most valuable player coming off the bench as a substitute. A recent New York Times article about the award found here describes Smith's transition on the Knicks team from a talented but volatile lone wolf player to an [...]

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Mathematics in Gym Class?

What is your son doing in his gym class? Are he and his classmates running around, learning sports and playing games? And are they reviewing vocabulary words and math concepts as they play? Some schools in the 45 states which have adopted more rigorous English and Math standards are bringing this intensified curriculum into gym class as well. In [...]

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Parenting a Potential Star Athlete

Today's New York Times has two articles in its sports section, each featuring a talented young Black male basketball player with NBA dreams. Jahlil Okafor, a 17 year old high school junior at Whitney Young High School in Chicago who stands at 6 feet 11 inches, is considered the top high school player in national rankings. He was offered [...]

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Redskins’ Alfred Morris: Good Home Training

As I write, the Washington Redskins are battling the Seattle Seahawks in the wild card game to see who will play in the NFC divisional playoffs. All Redskins fans are hoping that the dynamic duo of their rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III and rookie running back Alfred Morris will lead their team to this important victory. Tens of thousands [...]

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The Power of Dreaming Big: NFL Player Predicts His Future in Fourth Grade

Let's start the New Year off on an inspirational and positive note. For those of you who don't follow football or missed this, it was recently discovered that Colin Kaepernick, starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, wrote a letter to himself when he was in the fourth grade detailing his plans for the future. (You can see a [...]

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