Here’s an important New Year’s Resolution to add to your list: Get more engaged and involved with your son’s education in 2012!!!

According to research reviewed by the National Coalition for Parent Involvement, when parents are involved with their child’s education, the student earns higher grades and tests scores, has better social skills, and is more likely to enroll in higher level programs, graduate and go on to college.

What does it mean to be involved? Be at the school throughout the year by attending parent/teacher conferences, parent’s association meetings, and occasionally volunteering, as well as checking in with your son’s teachers, asking them and your son questions about the his school-day experience, monitoring homework and generally encouraging your child’s academic development. It takes time, and can be a challenge to fit into your schedule, but it is certainly worth doing. It is important for your son to know that you know and care about what’s going on at his school, and it is important for the school community to see you there as an active participant.

Research shows that parental involvement is a better predictor of academic success than a family’s income. The Michigan Department of Education published a Parental Involvement Fact Sheet, found here, which notes, “Family participation in education was twice as predictive of students’ academic success as family socioeconomic status.” And the earlier the involvement begins, the more powerful the effects. So remember this the next time you are considering working late rather than attending a function at your son’s school.

GCP Parents, what tips can you share about how you fit your involvement in your sons schools into your busy schedules? How are you working moms and dads making this work?? Let us know!!!