American Promise: The PBS premiere of “American Promise” happened last night–did you see it? This is the documentary in which an African-American husband and wife filmmaking team chronicled their son and his friend’s journey from kindergarten through high school at a predominantly white private school in New York City. If you missed it, you can catch it tonight at 7pm online on OVEE here: And you can see when it will air again on your local PBS channel here:

The companion book, “Promises Kept: Raising Black Boys to Succeed in School and in Life” is now available in bookstores and on This book is filled with important and practical information on raising and supporting our boys. You can also check out the American Promise website here and Facebook page here for more information about the film and the book.

The African Americans: PBS recently aired ” The African Americans: Many Rivers To Cross”, Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s six-hour series which explores the evolution of African-Americans from the origins of slavery in Africa to present day. The entire series is now available on DVD. A great addition to our libraries, especially as we look for ways to enrich our children’s knowledge of our history.