GCP has been checking out back to school articles for parents on line, and we think these are especially worth reading:

The 8 EdTech Questions Every Parent Should Ask Schools This Year: An educational technology consultant has compiled a list of questions for parents to ask at their children’s schools. Unless you are an edtech expert yourself, or have already focused on how your child’s school is providing and using technology, you should check out these questions and get the answers from your schools.

Six Things Parents Need For Back-to-School (That We Can’t Buy): A list of what parents need compiled by the lead editor and writer of the New York Times “Motherlode” series that is part practical thinking (“A Plan for Mornings”) and part wishful thinking (“Another Month of Summer”).

Four School Success Tips: Here Scholastic lays out four tips for parents to follow to help their child have a successful year: Set Goals, Establish Good and Effective Communication with the Teachers, Tap into your Child’s Learning Style, and Create a Stress Free Homework Environment. You can click on each tip for details and how-to’s.

Back To School Tips for Parents from PBS Parents: PBS Parents is always a great site to check out for helpful information, and they come through again with this simple but helpful list.

Tips to Help Your Child Reduce Back-to-School Stress: As we all know, returning to school can be quite stressful for our children, and these tips from the National Association of School Psychologists include a helpful section on how we can help our children overcome back to school anxiety.

We will keep an eye out for other helpful sites and tips. Please share any of your favorites!