Happy Mother’s Day, GCP Moms!  Whether you will be surrounded by family showering you with love and attention or just spending another Sunday doing all that you do to take care of your family, know that we at GCP are on our feet, giving you a screaming and shouting standing O today.  Notwithstanding the “Hallmark holiday” nature of designating this one day of celebration, the need to celebrate what moms do is real.

This mothering thing is no joke–a huge job to do under any circumstances and a really tough one to do as well and consistently as is needed.  These kiddies come with no instruction manual, and you are on the job from day one making all the difference in their lives.  What a responsibility.  What a privilege.  You go, Moms!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of GCP Moms!  Especially those who are no longer here on earth with us (but are with us always).

A bit of personal crowing: Today is a very special day in my household for another reason as well:  we are celebrating the college graduation of one of my sons.  Can’t wait to see him walk across that stage!  So proud of and happy for him.  A great Mother’s Day gift.

Found a great poem this morning (courtesy of Poem-a-day at poets.org) by the wonderful poet Lucille Clifton that is perfect to share for Mother’s Day.  Clifton speaks to the power of motherhood and reminds us that this job is never done.  Enjoy the poem and enjoy the day!

My Mama moved among the days

My Mama moved among the days
like a dreamwalker in a field;
seemed like what she touched was hers
seemed like what touched her couldn’t hold,
she got us almost through the high grass
then seemed like she turned around and ran
right back in
right back on in

Lucille Clifton