Trying not to overwhelm you all, but we want to send along some more great homeschooling resources:

Khan Academy:  This free online learning site is taking it’s responsibility to help parents and teachers with remote learning very seriously.  Starting with the page that asks “How Can Khan Academy Be Used For Remote Learning During School Closures?”,  the site gives parents and teachers all sorts of helpful guidance and links to its many instructive videos. (Tip: read the info for teachers too, can also be helpful).

Common Sense Media has gathered an extensive list of free online activities and events here, which includes online scheduled story times, art and music activities, and virtual tours of interesting places around the world, and even on Mars!

Learning Heroes  has created a “Keep Calm, Learning is On” program for parents, which has at its core the extremely helpful Readiness Roadmap, which helps parents and students navigate through lots of helpful resources for students in grades K-8.  Be sure to start with the “Readiness Check” to help you and your child get a sense of what support may be needed.

Want more? The digital news site Quartz offers resources for parents and kids “cooped up at home”, in an article found here, which is chock full of online learning sites, broken down by subject.  A subscription fee is required for access to all Quartz articles but anyone can read up to 5 free articles a month. So if you are new to Quartz,  you can get instant access to this article.

How is homeschooling/remote learning going for you and your family?  Having trouble finding specific resources?  Let us know, we’ll do our best to help. Discovered any really helpful tips?  Please share!