Hello GCP Parents! Long time. Been working quite a bit on an exciting project that continues where this blog began (think a comprehensive collection of GCPblog posts and lots more–stay tuned) so there has not been much posting this year. Hope you have been combing through the archives for interesting and relevant articles. But today I came across this gem of a piece (thanks to my daughter) that I wanted to share: a blog post from Susan.Speer called “Stop Making Everything Perfect For Your Kid”. Read it here. Susan reminds us to resist the temptation to protect our children from failure.

GCP has covered this topic before, in articles like “When Is It OK to Let Our Sons Fail, and When is it Not?”, and “Are We Helping Our Children Learn to Handle Adversity?”. Susan presents a persuasive argument for the importance of our children experiencing a bit of discomfort in being corrected, and the occasional failure. It’s hard but important to remember that what may hurt (or disappoint, or embarrass) them now will help them later!

GCP will be back from time to time over the summer. Meanwhile, check out the archives!