Need more homeschooling materials?  Here are the latest online learning resources to help you and your children:

Common Sense Media, a trusted guide for media and technology, has just released customizable learning packets for K- 2nd grade students.  While these packets were principally designed for teachers, they are intended for use by parents and children as well. The materials include a focus on digital citizenship, fitness and learning goals (with links to recommended sites to help reach these goals), a suggested schedule for this younger set, and recommended entertainment sites for their free time. Tip: You need to make a copy of the materials in order to customize them. To do so, click on “File” and “Copy”, and you’ll be given the choice of copying an individual page or the entire packet. You’ll be able to click on and customize your copy, and print it if you’d like.

YouTube has developed  Learn@Home,  a curated guide to the various learning resources of YouTube and YouTubeKids.   Visit Learn@Home  to find Learning by Channel resources  for children of differing ages.   The Preschoolers and 5+ set are directed to age appropriate playlists and channels on YouTubeKids.   Children 13 and older are directed to educational playlists and channels, as well as instructional videos organized by subject matter.  There are lots of great resources collected here; definitely worth checking out.

Looking for history resources? The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History has just announced that it is offering  free full access to their family website during this crisis.  If you have a child in grades 5-12 who needs history materials, be sure to register for access to this website, which they are continuing to update and expand.  The website has guidance for remote learning and links to many resources, including: