Zach Hodges, the Harvard defensive end featured in an earlier post who overcame great personal tragedy to become a star football player at Harvard, has signed with the Indianapolis Colts. While Hodges was not selected during the NFL draft as he had hoped, he signed with the Colts over the weekend after they expressed strong interest in him as a free agent. He heads to Colts mini camp knowing that his journey to become an NFL player may be a bit tougher than he had hoped, but he is ready for battle. As he told the Charlotte Observer in an article found here, throughout his life, he and his family “have never been handed anything. We’ve had to fight and claw all our life to get where we are, so why would this be any different?”

Hodges feels “highly motivated” as he starts camp, and will work hard to succeed. We are so impressed with his drive and perseverance and wish him the best of luck with the Colts. Go Zach, Go!!!