Need some last minute Valentine’s Day ideas for your little guys? Here are some easy and creative ways to celebrate the day:

Personalized Cookies: Show your love and satisfy your 8 year old’s sweet tooth with cookies that are calling his name. Eleni’s has delicious cookies that you can personalize. You can shop for them online at, or if you are in the NYC area you can check out their store in Chelsea. Of course, baking cookies, cupcakes and other sweet treats and personalizing them is a great alternative and a fun activity as well.

Custom T-Shirts: You and your son can make Mother/Son or Father/Son matching Valentine’s Day T-Shirts. You’ll need: the shirts (cotton T-Shirts from the local store will do), iron-on letters and decorations (available at your local craft store) and some creative play time. Be sure to let your son feel free to design the shirts his way, even if it is not as “perfect” as you would like.

Selfie Stick Valentines: You’ve probably seen or heard of “selfie sticks”, those poles which allow you to take cell phone selfies from extended angles. Pick up one of these from a local electronics or phone store. Have your son take a bunch of selfies (or the two of you take them together). You can then create Valentine’s Day photo cards and/or collages on line and share them with friends and family. And if you want to let less tech savvy relatives in on the fun, print out some of the photos and use them to make great paper Valentines. What grandma or grandpa wouldn’t love to get one of these?!

Heart Hunt: Does your son love an Easter egg hunt? So do we! So why not have a Valentine’s day Heart Hunt? Hide paper hearts with loving messages (“Best Hugger in the World!”) around the house for him to find. When he finds all the hearts, reward him with a special Valentine’s Day treat.

Class Cards: If your young son is game, get Valentine’s day cards for his entire class and the teacher. Card stores sell themed ones (super heroes are popular) which focus on friendship and are great for any gender. You can attach a bit of Valentine’s day candy to the cards to make them extra special.

Enjoy getting ready for Valentine’s Day with your son!!