Happy New Year!  The GCP vision for 2020 will be posted shortly, but before we turn to the future I want to focus on a late 2019 special event. Just as the holidays got underway, I had the pleasure of joining RIISE (Resources in Independent School Education) founder Gina Parker Collins for “Lunch with Gina”, where we talked about staying on top of our kids’ social media in all of its forms and shared tips for enjoying family time over winter break (which some of you may still be on).  Check out our “Lunch with Gina” here:

About RIISE:  If you are a parent of black/brown  independent school children, or if you are thinking about the independent school route for your kids of color, then you need RIISE!  Each issue of the RIISE newsletter is chock full of info about the independent school world:  how to apply, how to help your children thrive once they become a member of the indy school community, and lots of helpful perspectives from indy school parents.   There is even a focus on boarding schools.  Visit RIISE at 4riise.org , subscribe to their newsletter and follow RIISE on social media platforms.

Enjoy our “Lunch with Gina”!