Happy New Year to all from GCP!   I’m back from an amazing break and laser focused on what the new year will bring. Hope you all are settling into the new year with #2020vision (couldn’t resist).

Rather than make any new resolutions for GCP, in 2020 we will double down on goals we have always had:

  1. to share and promote best practices for conscious, focused and inspired parenting of our kids of color;
  2. to be especially mindful of and intentional about helping our boys thrive, and to share ways to do this;
  3. to share tips and resources to help support and enrich our children’s emotional, cultural and academic growth.

This year GCP is on a serious mission to expand the parenting conversation, and we are employing all sorts of new ways to do so.  We’re now on Instagram at @groundcontrolparenting, and our posts are on LinkedIn (under Carol Sutton Lewis), so please follow us on both.  In addition I am working on an exciting new program which will feature parenting conversations with a fascinating and exciting assortment of parents. I’ll talk with them about how they parent and how they were parented, as well as their parenting successes and challenges.  I’ll be tapping into some serious parenting wisdom and sharing it with GCP parents.  Stay tuned for this; more coming soon!

Since a conversation means an exchange of views and ideas,  in 2020 we especially want to hear from YOU on any and all platforms.  What parenting issues concern you in 2020?  What parenting wins would you like to share?  What parenting fails can we all learn from?  (We’ve all got ’em and boy are they valuable.)  Please share, we care!!!