Today’s New York Times has a full-page ad courtesy of Baylor University celebrating Robert Griffin III’s winning the 2011 Heisman Trophy. (For those of you without access to a hard copy of the Times, here is a link to a not so great shot of the ad).

Above a large picture of Griffin in uniform, smiling as he holds a football, the first paragraph begins:

“He has studied Latin, rhetoric in society, and international law. He graduated in just three years and will earn his master’s degree this spring. His future interests include law school.”

The next paragraph continues: “He is also an exceptional athlete. In fact, Robert Griffin III has been awarded this year’s Heisman Trophy…”

The tagline is “Excellence. This is Baylor University”. And below Griffin’s picture are the words: “Robert Griffin III, Student and Athlete”.

Our hearty congratulations to Robert Griffin III for this well deserved honor. Makes us all so proud to see this young man with such superb academic accomplishments and such amazing athletic abilities. His future is blindingly bright.

And two thumbs up for Baylor University, for getting its priorities right in heralding his academics over his athletic honors!!!