Hard to believe but we’ve come to the end of the third season of Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis!  So that means it’s time for the GCP Podcast Season Three Rewind!!   

As you’ll hear in the Rewind,  this season includes lots of conversations about how to be a better parent in so many aspects of your children’s lives.  We talked about how to help our children ease into their post pandemic lives, how we can better manage their tech and media consumption, how to get them through the college process, how to help them become more financially literate, and so much more. 

We also heard valuable insights from several of our guests on why it is so important that we convey our values to our children, and tips on how to do so.  This season of podcast episodes featured parenting conversations filled with thoughtful insights and lots of laughs.   Please check out this bonus Season Three rewind (it’s a quick listen), and then be sure to listen to any of this season’s episodes you may have missed!

You’ll find the GCP Podcast Season Three Rewind  here on Apple Podcasts, and on my Ground Control Parenting Blog.  Stay tuned for Season Four, featuring more great parenting conversations, which is in the works.  Take the time until we are back to catch up on any episodes you may have missed from any of the three seasons! 

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