Have you been thinking/worrying about how your child does on standardized tests?  Is the SAT on your child’s horizon?  This week’s GCP Podcast episode is just what you need.  David Coleman, CEO of the College Board (makers of the SAT, SAT II and AP tests) joins me to share some really helpful tips for “Standardized Test Success”.  What starts out as a discussion of the future of standardized testing geared primarily for high schoolers grows into a candid discussion of how students can be better prepared for standardized testing (and college, and life), even starting well before high school, and how parents can help.  This wide-ranging conversation includes a discussion of racial gaps in scoring and so much more that you won’t want to miss.

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We couldn’t end this week’s message without a mention of the tragic and devastating events in our nation’s capital last week.  At this time of national trauma, our thoughts here at GCP quickly turn to how we are helping our children cope.  We’ll be posting about this here soon, so stay tuned.