GCP wants to hear from YOU about how teachers and school administrators in public and private schools have successfully handled racial incidents involving children of color, especially our boys. We are looking for 10 great examples of how teachers got it right, i.e., handled a potentially offensive or damaging incident in a thoughtful and productive manner, for an upcoming post.  We often talk about what has gone wrong with respect to a teacher or school’s handling of such incidents (and a future post will address this issue); but now we would like to focus on what has gone right.
If you know of  any instances where a teacher or school administrator has been especially successful in this area, we would greatly appreciate your sharing them with us. Please send an email describing the situation to us at csl@groundcontrolparenting.com. We would like to identify the teacher and the school (but not your name or your child’s name) so that these teachers can get the attaboys they deserve.  Please let us know in your response if you would prefer that we do not mention the school or teacher.
Thanks, and we look forward to hearing your stories.