The Inside Guide to NYC Parenting is coming to back to Hunter College in April 2020–next month!!  If you live in or around NYC, you can join us again this year to discover answers to some of the important parenting questions I’ve been focusing on for years in this blog.  I’ll be offering resources, tips and advice on key academic issues for parents, such as: How can I spark the love of learning in my child? How can I help my child make the most of his middle school years?  How do I help my high schooler get into a good college?   Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision—what does it all mean and which one is best for my child? We will tackle these issues and many many more.

The Inside Guide to NYC Parenting will focus on helping parents of girls and boys build parenting skills.  There will be two 2-day sessions:

  • The Inside Guide to Helping Your Child Thrive in Middle School (April 7, April 14 —9:30-11:30am), which will focus on setting up your child for success during the challenging middle school years; and
  • The Inside Guide to College Admissions (April 21, April 28– 9:30-11:30am), which will help you navigate the long and winding road of your child’s college application process.

Great guest speakers will be joining these conversations.  Speakers will include a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, a middle school educator, a social media expert and the dean of admissions of a major university.  This is a small seminar series packed with helpful and important information.  Registration is now open; sign up today to be sure to get a seat!

You can find more details and register by clicking here on the Hunter Continuing Education Programs website.    Any questions?  Ask here or send to me at csl@groundcontrolparenting. com.  Hope to see you in class!!