Today’s podcast is especially for all you parents who regularly say to their kids some variant of: “Do you think money grows on trees?”  (And there are a lot of us! ) Our kids know that money buys things they want (and they probably don’t think it grows on trees), but do they know the power of saving money, investing money, and watching it grow?  It is never too early to help them get financially smart, and today’s podcast,  Helping Your Children Make Smart Money Moves with Tanya Van Court is here to help.

I talk with Tanya, Founder and CEO of Goalsetter, a family saving and smart spending app, about her mission to make kids (and parents!) more financially savvy and have fun doing it.  Tanya learned some tough financial lessons in the early days of her career, and she was determined to make sure that her children –and all children–would have access to financial education earlier than she did so that they could avoid her mistakes.  In this fun episode packed with useful info, Tanya offers advice on helping your family develop smart spending and saving habits.

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