In this week’s Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis podcast episode, we tackle tech questions that many parents are asking these days:  how do we help our children manage and balance their ongoing tech use when they still seem to need their devices now more than ever?  How can we find out more about these videos and apps that they are obsessed with?  What’s the impact of all of this additional screen time? We’ll get answers to these questions and more from this week’s guest, top kids and tech expert Jim Steyer.

I talk all things kids and tech with Jim, the Founder and CEO of Common Sense, the nationwide non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology.  If you’re a regular GCP blog reader then you know that I am a HUGE fan of Common Sense.   I’ve written a lot about the great work this organization does, and I’m so excited to feature its founder in this podcast!    In this episode Jim walks us through how his organization helps kids and families navigate the tech world and helps families devise and feel confident about their tech usage plans.  He explains how and why Common Sense is “definitely not anti-tech, anti-media. We’re pro-kid and pro-family.”  You’ll come away with new and exciting resources to enhance your children’s relationship with tech and help you tackle your concerns.

Also in this episode, Jim, who adopted his (now teenaged) African-American son at birth, candidly talks about the challenges he faces as a white father raising a Black son in the era of Black Lives Matter, and the fight for social justice in our nation. 

Tune in to Helping Your Children Manage Tech with Jim Steyer here, on the GCP podcast page, or you can find it on your favorite podcast streaming service.  This is an episode rich with parenting help and advice that you won’t want to miss.

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