I’ve been thinking about how parents raising kids of differing ages can learn from each other. Often more experienced parents are in the position to offer wise advice and encouragement to  parents who are newly entering the village, but I believe this exchange can go both ways.    I’ve certainly seen a lot raising three children to adulthood, but I’ve also learned a lot of useful parenting skills from my many friends and family members who are raising younger ones today. For my latest episode, out now, I invited a group of dynamic, passionate and caring parents to discuss a range of parenting ideas, issues, and realities across the ages.

Monique Péan, who is raising her young children in NYC, Lady Ashley Shaw-Scott Adjaye, a native Californian who moved her young children from England to Ghana to raise them in a more racially supportive environment, and Anne Williams-Isom (one of my early Season 1 guests), whose children are in college and beyond, all join me for a lively, informative and thoughtful discussion about our unique and shared experiences with pandemic parenting. 

We talk about our unique and shared experiences in the world of pandemic parenting, what a family move to “the continent” is like, how to talk about Black Lives Matter and social justice with children little and grown, and much more.  

Do you have little ones around you at home? Children who may soon leave the nest? Or have your kids already moved out of the house, and returned home because of the pandemic? Whatever your parenting stage and family dynamic, my latest episode, Intergenerational Parenting Wisdom with Anne Williams-Isom, Monique Péan, and Lady Ashley Adjaye, will surely resonate with you.

Listen here , on the Ground Control Parenting podcast page, or wherever you find your favorite podcasts!!