Red Tails is an action film inspired by the heroic exploits of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first all African American World War II aerial combat unit. Directed by Anthony Hemingway (“The Wire”), from a screenplay by John Ridley (“Undercover Brother”) and Aaron McGruder (“The Boondocks”), the film features a powerful ensemble cast led by Oscar winner Cuba Gooding and Oscar nominee Terence Howard. The story, written by Ridley, is inspired by true events. From all reports from friends who have already seen it, it is a great action film, exciting for everyone, and especially appealing to boys.

George Lucas is the executive producer for the project. He has been trying to get this film made for 23 years, and ended up financing it himself, investing 93 million dollars in the making and the distribution of the film. He could not get financial support from the studios, who refused to believe that an all black action film, even one produced by the legendary George Lucas, would make money.

In a recent interview on The Daily Show, Lucas explained what fueled his desire to make this film: “The reason I did it…I wanted to make an inspirational [film] for teen-aged boys. I wanted to show that they have heroes, real American heroes, real patriots who helped us make the country what it is today.” He also told Jon Stewart that he has material for a prequel and a sequel which will be “even better than this movie”, and those movies will be made if this one is successful.

The best and most supportive time to see this movie is during opening weekend, which begins January 20th. Let’s all make a supreme effort to get ourselves and our boys (and our girls too) into the theaters on opening weekend, to support and enjoy this film!