Here at GCP we celebrate Black History every month. But since today is the first day of the “official” Black History Month (which was established in 1967 by President Gerald Ford), we are offering a few great ways for your family to place a special focus on Black History this month.

1. Talk about your Family History. If your young ones still enjoy bedtime stories, instead of reading one, pull out an old family photo album and go through some pictures with them. Tell them stories about your family, about the relatives you spent time with when you were their ages. Talk about your family history with your older children over dinners or when you can find some free time. As you tell the stories, try to give as many details as possible beyond what your immediate family was doing. What was life like where they grew up? Who were some of the Black leaders (local or national) in those days? Bring your own Black History to life for your children.

2. Take a DNA test to find out more about your family’s history. There are many companies that offer DNA testing, including and Once you’ve submitted the test you’ll receive information about the parts of the world from which your ancestors have come.  It will be fun and interesting to share the results with your family!

3. Focus on books by and about Black Americans. This month, make sure that your children are reading books about the inspirational Black men and women who helped make America great.  Need help finding new titles?   Here’s a list of “45 Books to Teach Children about Black History”.

Stay tuned for more ways to celebrate!!