In this week’s podcast episode, Making the Best of It with Nancy Redd, best-selling author and on-air host Nancy Redd talks about the values that stem from her Southern roots and shares some of the unexpected silver linings which have emerged from months of quarantining with her husband and their 9 & 6 year olds.

You’ll hear how she and her husband are relying on long-standing traditions and creating new ones to help them get through and beyond these challenging times. Nancy explains how “Covid grew us up” as parents during this conversation that is filled with thoughtful revelations and lots of laughs.

You’ll also hear about the making of Bedtime Bonnet, Nancy’s sensational new children’s book that celebrates Black nighttime hair care rituals.  Whether you are managing a family of little ones or have already passed that stage, this is one fascinating and fun conversation that you won’t want to miss!

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We have almost come to the end of Season 2 –the final episode of the season will be out next week.  Plans for Season 3 are already underway, so please stay tuned!