Why show art to an infant?  Why should we encourage our children to “get lost” in paintings? What’s the art and social justice connection? Who are some of the African-American artists whose work we and our children should get to know?  This week on the Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis podcast, Franklin Sirmans, director of Pérez Art Museum Miami, answers these questions and many more in our lively discussion about art and art education.

In this episode Franklin offers lots of great info and advice about how we can use art to help ignite a creative spark in our children.  You’ll find this episode on the GCP Blog podcast page,  as well as on Apple Podcasts,  SpotifyStitcher I Heart Radio and  your favorite podcast streaming site.  As always, if you are enjoying the podcast series, please subscribe, rateleave a review on Apple Podcasts and share with your friends.

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