And We’re Back with Season 3!!!  New Season, New Look!! 

We begin our third season talking about a topic that is top of mind for so many parents of teens: The College Admissions Process.  As parents we’ve got so many questions about this process: is it really just all about the grades, test scores, and extracurriculars? How can you legitimately help your child’s chances of getting into their dream schools? As parents of Black children, we need to help them figure out where they’ll be comfortable—how do we do this?   And how is the process working during this pandemic?

We’ve got great experts to help us with the answers: this episode features Eric Furda (Former Dean of Admissions at U. Penn) and Jacques Steinberg (award-winning education journalist and author), who’ve written The College Conversation: A Practical Companion For Parents to Guide Their Children Along the Path to Higher Education.  Eric and Jacques share their tips and insights on how your teen should be applying to college from start to finish. Here they’ll give you the tools to confidently help your teens throughout the process. 

In this lively conversation chock-full of great resources, Eric and Jacques reveal “The Four C’s” that students should be looking for as they research colleges: Culture, Curriculum, Community and Conclusions. They also discuss the impact of two additional “C’s”: Cost and Coronavirus. While applying for college is more than half the battle, Eric and Jacques also focus on staying focused after the acceptances come. They talk about what happens after your teen gets in: how to make sure the colleges don’t change their minds, best practices for freshman success, and even what to do if your child wants to transfer. 

You can now listen to my episode, How To Have The College Conversation with Eric Furda and Jacques Steinberg to get the insight and confidence to support your child’s college journey.

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