Are your children getting enough ART in their lives?  As we deal with the challenges of making sure they get all their schoolwork done these days, making sure they experience art may not be at the top of your list. But my latest podcast episode tells you why art is a valuable part of your children’s development. 

Studies show that art exposure, from birth on, is extremely beneficial to your child’s development.  Not only does it develop creativity and imagination, but it can also improve critical thinking and learning skills, relieve stress, and enhance social and emotional growth. When Black children see themselves represented in museums, it builds their pride and confidence.  We don’t need to be artists or art experts to ensure our children make these connections, but it helps to have access to someone who knows the best ways to make them!  In this episode I talk with an amazing and resourceful expert, Sandra Jackson-Dumont,  about how to make sure our children are exposed to and engaged with art.

A renowned arts educator, Sandra is a visionary for how museums can live in public spaces in the modern world.  She is also is the Director and CEO of the new Lucas Museum of Narrative Art!  Sandra shares fascinating stories about the extensive roles art and museums can play in the development of our children and tips for having the best online and in-person museum experiences .  

I know parents everywhere are eager to learn about new activities your children can enjoy that also help them grow and learn. As we slowly but surely move to a post-pandemic future, museums are great places to roam (in-person and virtually) with your kids. My latest #GCP Podcast episode,   How Art Can Be A Parent’s Best Friend with Sandra Jackson-Dumont will help you roam purposefully, while having fun doing it!  Even if you are not the biggest fans of art or museums, this episode will be a game changer in the way you value and experience them. Listen now!

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