Parents, how are things going on the schooling front? Whether your child is remotely learning from home or is back in the classroom, no doubt you are front and center in how he or she is doing.  We’ve focused on parent self-care to make sure that you’re good; now it is time to check in on the children.  Here are some questions and resources to keep you going.

Are your children on track? Need some help making sure your children are staying on track? If you’ve got a child in K-8, be sure to check out Learning Heroes’ Readiness Check. This is a series of free brief quizzes designed to give you a gut check on how your child is doing with key math and reading skills, and gives you resources to support learning at home.

How are their Math skills? Khan Academy’s Get Ready courses for math offers children in grades 3 through high school quizzes to find out how ready they are for their grade level, and offers free support for wherever they are.

What about Reading?  Khan Academy also offers reading programs, and here is a list of free and low cost reading programs assembled by teachers. If you are interested in more structured and personalized (not free) learning instruction, check out Lexia (all grades), and Raz Kids (grades K-5)

How’s their Reading Comprehension? Newsela is an education website which provides news articles and real-time assessments for students in grades 2–12, believing that “engaged learners are better learners”.   The site offers both a free version and a more extensive paid version called Newsela PRO.

Make Sure They Take Brain Breaks! If your children are still at home doing remote schooling,  they all (and especially the younger ones) need some breaks in their screen-filled day.  Here are some brain break activities that you can encourage them to do throughout the day.

Hang in there, parents!  GCP has got resources for you, and we’ll keep ’em coming!  Let us know what you need.