The second season of Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis is a wrap, so it’s time for the GCP Podcast Season Two Rewind!    In our second season we’ve had lots of fascinating conversations about parenting smart and confident Black children.  We’ve talked with dynamic parents and helpful experts about the joy and the job of parenting.   We’ve learned about SAT testing, online learning, adoption, the challenges of parenting through this pandemic, and so much more.  We’ve heard stories and advice given by wise and thoughtful parents drawing upon their personal experiences and letting us learn from them.

In the Season Two Rewind, which was released today and you can hear here, I talk about some of the themes that have emerged over the course of the season:  Education, Adoption, and  Sharing Our Histories with Our Children.  In this brief recap you’ll hear how these themes regularly appear across the episodes.  Important parenting lessons for us all!

And there is SO much more to talk about.   Season Three, featuring more captivating conversations with more great guests, is in the works and will be coming soon, so please stay tuned.   Please send us your feedback, your comments, let us know what parenting issues you want to hear more about.  We really want to hear from you!!!