Ever wonder where to find high quality, teacher-tested educational materials online to help your child master a tough subject or learn more about a subject he or she loves?  You may soon need look no further than the site from which you can get just about anything else:  Amazon.com.

Amazon Education has just launched “Amazon Ignite”, an educational materials marketplace designed to help teachers and parents find new and innovative ways to help children learn. Teachers can put their digital lesson plans, worksheets, games and other materials they have already created for their classrooms on Amazon Ignite for purchase by teachers and parents nationwide.

As Amazon Education explains in their blog introducing Amazon Ignite, teachers and parents can search for materials by grade level, topic, resource type or theme, spanning Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology, Science and more, all created by K-12 educators. And with the familiar Amazon features like verified customer reviews, tailored recommendations and the ability to preview materials with “Look Inside,” customers can easily discover the right resources.

This service is starting as invitation only. While it is being marketed to parents as well as teachers, it isn’t clear yet whether parents will be included among the early invitees. GCP is requesting an invitation, and we will keep you posted as to when we get access.  Sounds like an interesting new resource!

In the meantime, check out the other educational materials available on Amazon:  Digital Educational Resources which sells printable lesson plans, classroom activities, games, templates, and more for teachers and parents, and Amazon Inspire, which helps teachers (and parents) find free and open educational resources.