Tell Your Sons: Watch and Learn from Common and John Legend

Last night was Oscar night, and the two highlights of the evening came courtesy of "Selma". First, we were treated to John Legend and Common's amazing performance of the song "Glory", which was nominated in the Best Original Song category. Then, when they won the Oscar for "Glory" (to no one's surprise), they gave acceptance speeches which were, well, [...]

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#SelmaForStudents: New Cities Added

Today 12 additional cities joined the #SelmaForStudents movement and announced their success in raising money to send students to see the movie "Selma" for free. Read about it here. African American leaders, now joined by generous citizens of all hues, are working together across the country to ensure that the next generation understands and appreciates the important history of [...]

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#SelmaForStudents: Nationwide and Going Strong

Great news: The #SelmaforStudents movement has sent over 275,000 students to see SELMA for free across the USA! By tomorrow, 29 cities will have joined our efforts to send 7th 8th and 9th graders to see this important and wonderful film. Have you seen it yet? Have you taken your sons and daughters in 7th grade and up? Have [...]

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Films to See: “American Promise” and “The African Americans”

American Promise: The PBS premiere of "American Promise" happened last night--did you see it? This is the documentary in which an African-American husband and wife filmmaking team chronicled their son and his friend's journey from kindergarten through high school at a predominantly white private school in New York City. If you missed it, you can catch it tonight at [...]

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Diversity Matters: American Promise and ISDN

Greetings GCP'ers! Today we focus on several opportunities to examine and explore the impact of race on our sons' education. American Promise: We hope by now you have heard about "American Promise", the Sundance Grand Jury prize winning documentary which follows the journeys of two African-American boys and their families from kindergarten through high school graduation. (Check out our [...]

7 Reasons You and Your Children Must Watch “The Watsons Go to Birmingham” on Friday, September 20th

GCP went to the movies last night, to see a screening of "The Watsons Go To Birmingham", a movie based on the award-winning young adult novel written by Christopher Paul Curtis. We had high expectations, considering the source material, but we were blown away by how good it was. Engaging, entertaining, moving, made us laugh and cry (literally). In [...]

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Go See “Rise of the Guardians” this weekend!!!

"Rise of the Guardians", the latest animated film from DreamWorks, opens tomorrow, November 21st. This tale of how Jack Frost, Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny band together to save children everywhere marks the directorial debut of Peter Ramsey, the first African American director of a big budget computer animated film. In an earlier GCP post [...]

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