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Education Issues in the News

Today's first education issue in the news comes from The New York Times, courtesy of Avram Barlowe.  Avram is a co-founder of The Urban Academy, a New York City public high school nationally recognized for its commitment to pedagogical innovation, academic rigor and its diverse, engaged student body. He has taught history and social studies courses for more than thirty [...]

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NPR Series: America’s Dropout Crisis

This week National Public Radio is featuring a series called "School"s Out: America's Dropout Crisis" in which it looks at the dropout crisis through the stories of five people, three of whom have already dropped out and two who are at risk. The series overview can be found here. Today's broadcast features the story of Patrick Lundvick, a Black [...]

Education Issues in the News

Education issues abound in the news these days, and we'd like to hear what you think about them: The battle over the best course for school reform went into high gear in the black community on May 18th, when the NAACP joined with the United Federation of Teachers to file a lawsuit against the New York City Department of [...]

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GCP In The News

Marc Aronson, an author and editor who writes a blog called "Nonfiction Matters" for the website, reviews our blog in his latest post which can be found here.   Take a look at this and browse through his other posts while you are there.

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