How can we help our children develop a moral compass to guide them through life?  When they are young, we give them our perspectives on right versus wrong, but how can we give them the tools to make these determinations on their own? And what are some of the best ways to talk with them about faith and spirituality?  In this week’s episode of Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis I talk with minister, professor and former President of Morehouse College Dr. Robert M. Franklin, Jr. about a framework that we can use to have conversations with our children about morality, ethics and faith, starting when they are quite young.   Dr. Franklin explains why helping children think about faith and morality is important:

 Let’s think of faith as the process––the art––of learning to make meaning in an unpredictable world. And I think that faith provides the foundations for the compass that every single person evolves and refines over time their sense of what’s right and wrong, what’s good and bad, what is praiseworthy, what is blameworthy.

You’ll hear Dr. Franklin reflect on his memories of witnessing the moral courage and leadership of his grandmother, whose faith was strongly rooted in her church. He thoughtfully walks us through how parents––whatever their religious or spiritual affiliation––can use stages of faith development to help our children create meaning and find a greater purpose in life.

 Dr. Franklin also talks about the challenges and opportunities he encountered while helping Morehouse College students develop their moral compasses in a changing world.  He provides valuable insights and resources for parents raising boys and girls of all ages throughout this fascinating and compelling episode.  

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