Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and as we all know it will be celebrated this year in ways unlike any other.  Social distancing requires us to stay out of churches and cancel family gatherings, and we will be spending Easter at home with whatever members of our family with whom we have been isolating.   Here are a few home bound Easter celebration suggestions:

  1. Homeschool Sunday School:  None of my children enjoyed Sunday School at our church when they were young, so we did “Homeschool Sunday School” on Sundays.  We’d read Children’s Bible stories, discuss and memorize The Lord’s Prayer and other psalms, play games like “Apples to Apples: The Bible Edition” (yep, that exists), and watch Veggie Tales (adorable Christian cartoon series).   My goal was to make sure they understood the importance of faith and prayer, had a grounding in our faith (Christianity), learned some classic Bible stories, and that we took time on a weekly basis to be grateful together.  So give Homeschool Easter Sunday School a try.  You can find a Veggie Tale Easter Story  here.
  2. Stream Church Service as a Family:  Many churches will be live streaming their Easter service, so you can watch it together as a family. If you don’t have a family church, you can look online for services you might enjoy.  Do a little research ahead of time so you’ll know when services start.
  3. Hear Andrea Bocelli in Concert:  the world famous Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli is going to perform on Easter Sunday, April 12, in an empty Duomo, Milan’s cathedral. The concert, named “Music for Hope”, is going to be streamed worldwide on YouTube at at 7 pm (Central European time), 6 pm in London, 1 pm in New York, 10 am in Los Angeles.  Among the pieces that Bocelli is going to perform are Bach’s “Ave Maria”, Rossini’s “Domine Deus” and “Amazing Grace”.
  4. Schedule a Video Easter dinner or Easter celebration.  Gather your family on screens via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or your favorite streaming service on Easter Sunday to lay eyes on one another and exchange Easter greetings. If you decide to do it at dinnertime, perhaps gather to say a blessing together before you begin your meals.

How are you planning to celebrate Easter at home?  Let us know! Whatever your plans, we wish you and your family a very Happy Easter.