To all you new moms (and friends of new moms ):  did you know that 80% of a child’s brain growth happens in the first three years of its life? And that there are a few everyday activities that you can do with a child in those first three years to make a big impact on it’s learning?  You need to know The Basics.

The Basics are a series of simple yet vitally important things you can do everyday with your child to make the most of the opportunity presented in those first three years.  They were developed through extensive research done by a team led by Dr. Ronald Ferguson,  Director of The Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University. According to Ferguson, parents everywhere, regardless of their socioeconomic background, can use The Basics to stimulate their babies to be the best versions of themselves.

So what are the Basics parents should do everyday?

Maximize Love, Manage Stress: Babies and toddlers thrive when their world feels loving, safe, and predictable. Respond with smiles, words, and touch to help them see, hear, and feel your love. You will help them develop a sense of security and self-control.

Talk, Sing, and Point: Babies learn language from the moment they are born. Respond to their sounds, and later, their words. Connect with eye contact and a loving tone of voice, while pointing to help them know what you are talking about.

Count, Group, and Compare: Every child’s brain is wired for math. Talk about numbers, shapes, patterns, and comparisons as you go about your routines together. Watch your child learn to love math.

Explore Through Movement and Play: Babies are like scientists who love making discoveries. Watch to see what interests your child, then encourage their curiosity and help them learn when they play and explore.

Read and Discuss Stories: Reading turns kids into confident thinkers. Make books a regular part of your relationship from the very beginning. With infants, point at the pictures and speak with excitement.  With toddlers,  just make it fun.

Pediatricians say that using The Basics helps parents reduce stress because they gain confidence with the knowledge that they are helping their kids.  Moreover, engaging in the Basics with their children helps parents to relax, have fun and bond with them.

What a fun and simple way to make a big and important impact at a critical time in a little one’s life.  If there is a baby in your life, check out the Basics and get started today!