Joe Brewster and Perri Peltz, the folks who brought you the powerful short documentary “A Conversation With My Black Son” (see our earlier GCP post about it here) are back with “A Conversation About Growing Up Black”, in which a group of young men discuss the impact of race and racism on their lives.

These thoughtful young men talk candidly and honestly about the challenges of being stereotyped by the public and the police on a regular basis. But they also assure us that their parents have well prepared them for these challenges. In moments that will touch every parent’s heart, the young men tell their parents that they know what they are up against, and that they know how to deal with it. As 25 year old Marvin explains: “Mom and Dad, I’ll be fine because you did a good job raising me. You gave me all the resources‚Ķand the foundation to survive in this country.” If that isn’t incentive to have regular conversations with our sons about these issues, we don’t know what is.

Take the time to watch this short (5 minute) film found here, and make sure your sons watch it as well. Then ask them how they feel about it. Give them the space to agree or disagree with the opinions of the young men in the film. Have they had any similar experiences? How have they dealt with them? Be open to and supportive of what you will hear, even if you don’t agree with all of it. This film is a great conversation starter.