Interesting article in the Huffington Post by Lisa Bloom, who has written a book called , “Swagger: 10 Urgent Rules for Raising Boys in an Era of Failing Schools, Mass Joblessness and Thug Culture”. (Provocative title, no?) Bloom, a lawyer and television journalist, focuses on the national under achievement of boys across racial and economic lines, and “the cultural forces which are dumbing down our boys”.

In this article, found here, she highlights the importance of encouraging boys to read, by making your home “a reading mecca”, and modeling for your son that reading is “your default pleasure activity”. Her research has indicated that many boys believe reading to be a “girlie” activity, in part because they are more accustomed to seeing Mom reading than they are to seeing Dad buried in a book. “Time to turn that ship around”, says Bloom, and let these boys see both parents and other role models (male and female) regularly reading. Not just reading, but talking about books, raving about books they’ve read, recommending books, reading to them, reading with them, side by side.

Sounds good to me. How do you encourage your sons to read? One of my sons is an avid reader, the other loves his English classes but is unlikely to pick up a book he hasn’t been assigned in his spare time. I am always looking for ways to encourage them both to read more. Would love to hear what works for you, especially as we approach the season of summer reading. Gotta keep those skills sharp for next September!!!

Thanks to Oliver C. Sutton III, proud father of two young sons, for the heads up on this article!