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Coping with Election Anxiety: Expert Advice

Are the upcoming elections filling you with angst?  Are you wondering how to talk to kids about them? Check out the bonus Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis podcast episode, released today, "Coping with Election Anxiety".  In this brief (12 min.) episode, I chat with Stanford psychiatrist and professor Dr. Victor Carrion, who gives us great tips on [...]

On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Let’s Talk History

  Today is Indigenous People's Day, the holiday also known as Columbus Day. While many of us were taught in elementary school that "Columbus discovered America" in 1492, we now know that Christopher Columbus never set foot on what we know as the United States. Moreover, when he and his Spanish army got to the Caribbean islands in 1492 [...]

How Are Your Kids Doing in School These Days?

Parents, how are things going on the schooling front? Whether your child is remotely learning from home or is back in the classroom, no doubt you are front and center in how he or she is doing.  We've focused on parent self-care to make sure that you're good; now it is time to check in on the children.  Here [...]

Thoughtful Thursday: Celebrating Kevin Young

It's Thoughtful Thursday! Today we are celebrating one of our favorite poets, Kevin Young. In case you hadn't heard, Kevin Young has just been named as the new director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. He will be leaving his position as the head of the Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture, a division [...]

Back to School: Coping with Stress

As school is finally back in session for NYC public schools this week, and classes have already resumed (in person or remotely) elsewhere across the nation, and we all head into MONTH SEVEN of this pandemic, how are you doing?   In addition to taking care of your family, are you taking care of yourself?  Two guests from Season One [...]

The GPS Bonus Round Quiz, Part 2

It's time for Part 2 of The GCP Bonus Round Quiz! Below are favorite poems, children's books and TV/film/theater parents from six more guests from Season One, pictured above.   Just as you did last week, take a look at their favorites –– you may find some more new books, poems and shows to enjoy with your families.  Can you match these guests [...]

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The GCP Bonus Round, Part 1

At the end of most podcast episodes in Season 1, I asked guests to play The GCP Bonus Round where they'd tell me their favorite poems, children's books and TV/film/theater parent. I've compiled the responses of my first five guests from Season One, pictured above. Click on the links below to check out their favorites –– you may find [...]

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Season One is a Wrap––It’s Time for the Season One Rewind!

The first season of Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis is a wrap!  We've had twelve episodes of fascinating conversations about parenting black and brown children.  We've talked with dynamic parents and helpful experts about the joy and the job of parenting.  We've heard parenting life lessons about raising confident children, helping children pursue their passions, protecting our [...]

GCP with CSL: LisaGay Hamilton on Raising a Transgender Child

This week on Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis,  the award-winning actor and filmmaker LisaGay Hamilton talks about raising her transgender daughter,  who came out last year at age eight.  LisaGay is thoughtful, candid and wise as she discusses this sensitive and complicated topic. You won't want to miss this conversation. You can listen to it now on Apple Podcasts, [...]

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Wednesday, 8/26 on GCP with CSL: Susan Fales-Hill

This week on Ground Control Parenting with Carol Sutton Lewis features the fabulous Susan Fales-Hill.  An award winning television showrunner, author and arts advocate, Susan offers her thoughtful and fascinating take on culture, race, the importance of sharing family histories with our children, and much more. She's always had her finger on the pulse of our culture, as evidenced by [...]